Dealing & Purchase Types

We offer different kind of dealings & purchases. We categorize these as following:

1 : You can place order in pre of the arrival of the imported container knowing that what Products/Parts are included in it, you can ask direct from company or can subscribe for updates/news to know about such events
2 : You can place order after the arrival of imported container
3 : You can place order while looking into the existing Products/Parts of Outlet either online or offline
4 : You can place order either as regular/wholesale customer or On-Time customer

We have different kind of customers. We categorize them as following:

Regular or wholesale customers:

Such customers are those who make regular Purchase/Sale with the company either in low quantity or wholesale. They have their accounts registered with the company and their record is being maintained. Such customers also have online login to view records & other online/offline facilities.

One time customers:

Such customers are those who are like normal customers who are doing Purchase/Sale once & are not regular ones. These customers don’t have online maintained record and login facility but yet they can place order online and have online outlet/support facilities.